Past experience has shown that a personal visit to a church can make a significant difference to worship in that church.

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Baseline is now available to all as a free PDF download. You may print one copy for personal use and mwf Supporters may print multiple copies for use by their church. Copyright ownership remains with mwf or the authors of individual articles, and permission must be sought for any other use, including reprinting in church magazines.

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Issue 43 Autumn 2005In the Image of the Creator - Creativity in worship3.44Mb
Issue 44 Winter 2005Laughter and Tears - using psalms in worship4.67Mb
Issue 45 June 2006Small is Beautiful - music and worship for smaller churches5.82Mb
Issue 46 September 2006Free to Fly - encouraging a free spontaneous approach in worship5.88Mb
Issue 47 January 2007Handling Change - dealing with changes in worship approach4.2Mb
Issue 48 May 2007Multicoloured Worship - encouraging diversity in worship4.7Mb
Issue 49 September 2007Connecting Worship - blending words and music in worship2.59Mb
Issue 50 January 2008Releasing Worship - releasing people into Spirit-led worship2.13Mb
Issue 51 April 2008Power to the People - encouraging participation in worship2.8Mb
Issue 52 August 2008Advent - articles and resources for the Advent season3.33Mb
Issue 53 January 2009Deep Calls to Deep - going deeper in worship3.31Mb
Issue 54 June 2009Trained and Skilful in Music to the Lord...performance in worship?3.75Mb
Issue 55 October 2009Young People and Worship - worship for children and youth6.33Mb
Issue 56 January 2010Lent - a Musical Desert? - worship ideas for the Lent season5.03Mb
Issue 57 May 2010Beyond Worship Beyond...integrating music, worship and mission3.86Mb
Issue 58 October 2010Worship and Encounter - meeting with God in worship2.44Mb
Issue 59 January 2011Welcome them in with Real Coffee - quality in worship2.45Mb
Issue 60 May 2011mwf Past Present and Future - looking back and forward3.39Mb