Past experience has shown that a personal visit to a church can make a significant difference to worship in that church.

If you would like help in any aspect of your church's worship, ask for more information about our Consultants.

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For over 25 years mwf has worked to provide resources and training for the worshipping community.

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For over 25 years mwf has worked to provide resources and training for the worshipping community, under its vision-banners of ‘Skilful hands and integrity of heart’ and more latterly ‘Breadth, quality and integrity’. These values remain as central to the work of mwf as they ever have been, but as circumstances move on we do need to adapt and develop the ways in which we seek to deliver these values to those involved in worship and worship-leading.
If you have supported mwf financially in the past, may I thank you on behalf of the leadership for all that you have made possible. But can I also ask you to continue to support us through the changes that lie ahead, and this next phase of our ministry? Financial support will still come to the same mwf trust as ever, so you will not need to change anything or do anything for your giving to continue.
If you have not been a financial supporter of mwf, we need you now more than ever! Your money will go towards salaries for Sam and Sara Hargreaves, who will be heading up, and towards the development of new web-based resources for worship-leaders, as well as the general admin and running costs of the organisation. And maybe your church could support the work by booking them for a church weekend or training event. All Supporters will receive an newsletter and regular e-mail updates, plus a personal invitation to the Annual mwf Supporters Day.
Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration, and may the Lord bless you as you serve him.
With Christian greetings,

Roger Peach, mwf Chairman of Trustees